Meet your Designer!



Michelle O'Reilly started sewing in her bedroom when she was 11 years old. Instead of buying expensive clothes, she hand made them with her first sewing machine. She dreamt of becoming a fashion designer from a very young age but life took her on a different journey. After having 2 children, a new marriage (which added another 2 children), Michelle did the normal thing when entering a Fitness Competition and ordered a bikini online. It was not hand made to fit her body and although it looked pretty good, it didn't feel right. She thought "Hey, I can make a bikini with incredible quality just how I want it. While she was making that bikini for her second competition, her husband saw her talents and said, "That is amazing!" Then, already being in business for himself, he suggested she start her own business and make them for other competitors. After some more encouragement, seeing the lack of local custom suit makers out there, and some very poor quality she saw online and locally,  that's just what she did! 

Buttercream Bikini was born!

Since then, Michelle hasn't looked back and her clients RAVE of her attention to detail and commitment to quality in everything that leaves the Buttercream Bikini shop!

We hope you get to benefit from a gorgeous Buttercream Bikini and look forward to working with you in the near future!